Rubber mats in fishing boats

Five Benefits of Rubber Mats in Fishing Boats

Rubber mats have a place in a wide variety of venues from flooring in commercial kitchens to doggy day care centers and small animal hospitals. Did you know rubber mats provide the perfect surface for protecting wood floors and encouraging anti-slip safety in fishing boats? Rubber mat cleaners such as Clean Break’s Multi-purpose Disinfectant make cleaning and maintaining these surfaces even easier.

Benefits of Rubber Mats in Fishing Boats

  1. Comfort – When standing for a long time in a fishing boat, feet start to ache from the hard, flat surface. Install rubber mats in fishing boats to prevent fatigue and relieve built up pressure in the feet and ankles. Rubber mats are soft and form to the foot, which makes for happy passengers on board your fishing boat.
  2. Drainage – Often seen in kitchens, rubber mats with holes are perfect for floors requiring drainage, such as fishing boats. These types of mats easily allow water to drain, which is an essential feature when talking about a boat. Water always finds it way onto boats, it’s part of their nature. Installing rubber mats keeps your feet happy while also appropriately draining excess water from your vessel.
  3. Traction – In a naturally wet and slippery area, it makes total sense to cover the floors of your boat in a textured surface that gives traction. Rubber mats in fishing boats help prevent slipping. When water splashes into the boat while reeling in a big catch decrease your chances of slipping with textured rubber flooring.
  4. Prevent Physical Damage – Having rubber flooring and rubber mats in place on a fishing boat prevents corrosion from saltwater, damage from exposure to sunlight and damage from constant foot traffic on wood floors. Repairing damage to wood floors can be expensive. Installing rubber mats protects moisture sensitive wood floors, which helps save money long term.
  5. Easy to Clean and Maintain – With Clean Break’s line of rubber mat sealants, disinfectants and cleaners, maintaining the durability and lifespan of rubber mats comes easy. Avoid mold, fungus and bacteria by using rubber mat sealant to seal and protect rubber mats from the beginning. Clean Break’s Multi-purpose Disinfectant is a simple to apply, rubber mat cleaner for regular use in fishing boats.

Rubber Tiles for Shop Flooring: The Many Benefits

Whether you are looking for the best flooring for your woodworking shop, garage shop, or similar space, sifting through all the options can be overwhelming.

The benefits of rubber tiles for shop flooring are numerous and unique.

Not only is a dense rubber floor comfortable to stand on and incredibly durable, but it is also simple to install, clean and maintain.

More Unique Benefits of Rubber Tiles for Shop Flooring:

  • Durable. This is probably the biggest selling point for rubber flooring. Whether getting smashed by heavy dumbbells repeatedly or enduring other heavy equipment, machinery and impact, rubber flooring can handle it. Additionally, because you can select extremely dense rubber tiles, heavy equipment can easily roll over the tiles.
  • Color Options. If a concern is whether the black will absorb too much light and make it difficult to tell what a project will look like out of the shop, then there are several other lighter colors to choose from.
  • Textured or Non-Texture. While non-textured would be easier to sweep, both are easy to vacuum.
  • Tools Bounce! Tools will bounce instead of dent, which is always a perk and allows your tools to last longer.
  • Cost Effective. Aside from basic concrete flooring, rubber flooring, starting at about $2.44 per square feet, is much more inexpensive than engineered hardwood floor that typically starts around $4 per square foot (not including underlayment and professional installation if required).
  • Easy Installation. Speaking of installation, rubber tiles for shop flooring are incredibly easy to install, considering they are a large puzzle piece that easily interlock. Another bonus is that if one tile becomes damaged, it is easily replaced.
  • Comfort. Another common benefit of rubber flooring is its anti-fatigue properties. It is easy on your feet, joints and back, so standing for long periods of time is made more comfortable.
  • Coverage Options. Instead of covering your workshop’s entire floor, a cost effective option is to use only rubber flooring in each work area instead of installing wall-to-wall rubber flooring.

 Paired with our neutral pH rubber flooring cleaner and degreaser for easy cleaning, rubber tiles may be the smartest choice for your shop (and back!).

—Clean Break



Find the Best Type of Rubber Flooring for You

The benefits of rubber flooring are plenty. But once you have been convinced that you want to install rubber flooring in your home or facility, the next question is, what type of rubber flooring is right for you?

Regardless of the type of rubber flooring you use, our rubber flooring sealer benefits any style.

One of the perks of using rubber flooring is the range of options you have to meet your particular needs. Whether you are using it for your home in a kitchen, garage, bathroom, basement or playroom, or are using it for a larger commercial facility, there is a style of rubber flooring that is best for you, and paired with rubber flooring sealer you will have a comfortable, easy to maintain floor that can last you  20 years or more.

Types of Rubber Flooring:

  • Sheeting. Similar to installing wall-to-wall carpet, this type of rubber flooring comes on a roll, and is sized based on the longest wall where it will be installed. This type of flooring is customizable and available in different thickness, designs and patterns, and is ideal in workshops and garages as it is water resistant and does not have any cracks, unlike rubber tiles. It is also great in areas where there are corners and other obstacles, as it can be cut to precisely fit an area.
  • Tiles. If more intricate, multicolored patterns are what you are after, then tiles may be your best bet. Because water can seep in through the seams, tiles are ideal for areas where there is not a lot of water usage. It’s a bit tricky to calculate correctly how many tiles you need, and some cutting may be required to ensure a precise fit. These are the most popular choice for playrooms, rec rooms and playgrounds.
  • Mats. Rather than covering an entire floor surface, these are used on top of an otherwise hard surface such as slate or marble to make it more comfortable to stand and walk on and slip-resistant. It is a great option for the kitchen where there is a lot of standing. These are easy to clean since it can easily be removed from the area, and they come in a variety of thickness. With a rubber flooring sealer, these mats become even more durable and water resistant.
  • Recycled. This is a great eco-friendly option, where the rubber flooring’s previous life was likely tires or athletic shoes. This type of flooring comes in various forms and once you are done using the flooring, it can be recycled again. It’s the material that keeps giving.

With all of these types of rubber flooring, our rubber flooring sealer is a perfect partner. By sealing your flooring or mats, they will be much easier to clean, and even more resistant to water and chemicals.

—Clean Break