Find the Best Type of Rubber Flooring for You

The benefits of rubber flooring are plenty. But once you have been convinced that you want to install rubber flooring in your home or facility, the next question is, what type of rubber flooring is right for you?

Regardless of the type of rubber flooring you use, our rubber flooring sealer benefits any style.

One of the perks of using rubber flooring is the range of options you have to meet your particular needs. Whether you are using it for your home in a kitchen, garage, bathroom, basement or playroom, or are using it for a larger commercial facility, there is a style of rubber flooring that is best for you, and paired with rubber flooring sealer you will have a comfortable, easy to maintain floor that can last you  20 years or more.

Types of Rubber Flooring:

  • Sheeting. Similar to installing wall-to-wall carpet, this type of rubber flooring comes on a roll, and is sized based on the longest wall where it will be installed. This type of flooring is customizable and available in different thickness, designs and patterns, and is ideal in workshops and garages as it is water resistant and does not have any cracks, unlike rubber tiles. It is also great in areas where there are corners and other obstacles, as it can be cut to precisely fit an area.
  • Tiles. If more intricate, multicolored patterns are what you are after, then tiles may be your best bet. Because water can seep in through the seams, tiles are ideal for areas where there is not a lot of water usage. It’s a bit tricky to calculate correctly how many tiles you need, and some cutting may be required to ensure a precise fit. These are the most popular choice for playrooms, rec rooms and playgrounds.
  • Mats. Rather than covering an entire floor surface, these are used on top of an otherwise hard surface such as slate or marble to make it more comfortable to stand and walk on and slip-resistant. It is a great option for the kitchen where there is a lot of standing. These are easy to clean since it can easily be removed from the area, and they come in a variety of thickness. With a rubber flooring sealer, these mats become even more durable and water resistant.
  • Recycled. This is a great eco-friendly option, where the rubber flooring’s previous life was likely tires or athletic shoes. This type of flooring comes in various forms and once you are done using the flooring, it can be recycled again. It’s the material that keeps giving.

With all of these types of rubber flooring, our rubber flooring sealer is a perfect partner. By sealing your flooring or mats, they will be much easier to clean, and even more resistant to water and chemicals.

—Clean Break