Green Cleaner

With the aid of a chemist we developed a Neutral pH Cleaner and Degreaser that is mild to the touch, easy on surfaces, but tough on cleaning. This cleaner and degreaser is a great solution for day care centers, office spaces, restaurants, hospitals, gyms and other facilities.

Available in a system, composed by Clean Break’s Multi-Purpose Disinfectant; Rubber Flooring and Mat Sealant and our Neutral pH Cleaner and Degreaser. Ideal for large and small animal facilities.


Neutral pH Cleaner and Degreaser

  • EPA Green design for the Environment seal
  • Broad-spectrum cleaner and degreaser
  • Dries without streaking
  • Economical concentrate, mix 2 oz. per gallon for
    64 gallons of ready to use product
  • Not alkaline or acidic


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  • 20% OFF for orders of four or more gallons of any Clean Break products.
  • Clean Break system of cleaners and disinfectants are economical concentrates.
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cleaner and degreaser

Download CleanBreak Rubber Flooring & Mat Sealant SDS sheet


This product is designed to dry without streaking and no rinsing is necessary. Use as any general cleaning product mixing first in the following dilutions:

Light Duty Cleaning: 2 oz / gallon
Medium Duty Cleaning: 3 oz / gallon
Heavy Duty Cleaning: 4 oz / gallon