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With the aid of a chemist we developed a Neutral pH Cleaner and Degreaser that is mild to the touch, easy on surfaces, but tough on cleaning. This cleaner and degreaser is a great solution for day care centers, office spaces, restaurants, hospitals, gyms and other facilities.

Available in a system, composed by Clean Break’s Multi-Purpose Disinfectant; Rubber Flooring and Mat Sealant and our Neutral pH Cleaner and Degreaser. Ideal for large and small animal facilities..

Neutral pH Cleaner and Degreaser

    • EPA Green design for the Environment seal
    • Broad-spectrum cleaner and degreaser
    • Dries without streaking
    • Economical concentrate, mix 2 oz. per gallon for
      64 gallons of ready to use product
    • Not alkaline or acidic

Download CleanBreak Rubber Flooring & Mat Sealant SDS sheet


  • 20% OFF for orders of four or more gallons of any Clean Break products.
  • Clean Break system of cleaners and disinfectants are economical concentrates.
  • Dealer and distributor discounts also available. Call or email for more information.

cleaner and degreaser

This product is designed to dry without streaking and no rinsing is necessary. Use as any general cleaning product mixing first in the following dilutions:

Light Duty Cleaning: 2 oz / gallon
Medium Duty Cleaning: 3 oz / gallon
Heavy Duty Cleaning: 4 oz / gallon

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