Mat Sealant

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The Rubber Flooring & Mat Sealant is ULTRA-EFFECTIVE. Our rubber flooring sealant, rubber floor sealer and rubber mat disinfectant systems work efficiently with commercial flooring, fitness matting, gym flooring, kitchen floors, restaurants, or any other areas, and it’s the best choice you can make. Our rubber flooring sealant also works perfectly with dog agility flooring and doggy daycare floor matting and sheeting, and is safe even if dogs try to chew the floor.

Regular use of this product will keep your floors/mats in excellent condition and prolong their useful life.

  • Seals porous surfaces to keep bacteria, fungus, and viruses out
  • Exceptional bonding yet retains flexibility in flooring or mats
  • Long lasting and can be re-coated
  • Easily cleaned and sanitized
  • Water and chemical resistant

Using a rubber floor sealer and rubber mat disinfectant on your facility’s mats and flooring is smart for a number of reasons. Rubber floor sealer prolongs the performance and lifespan of your rubber flooring or rubber mats. In the end, it saves you money, time, hassle and unnecessary labor. While floor sealers are beneficial for any porous floor, rubber flooring and mats are a prime candidate for sealant due to their deep pores and flexible surface. Without proper care and sealant, rubber flooring can become dull, dingy and difficult to clean.

Download CleanBreak Rubber Flooring & Mat Sealant SDS sheet

  • Clean Break system of cleaners and disinfectants are economical concentrates.
  • Dealer and distributor discounts also available.

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For new matting prior to sealing use a Neutral pH Cleaner/Degreaser, rinse thoroughly, and let dry.  For best results apply the rubber sealant in small sections with a squeegee or PADCO type applicator.  Use a paintbrush to fill in any remaining gaps.   Application should be in two thin coats, the first at the rate of 600 square feet per gallon.  Let the first coat dry at least 30 minutes (dependent on temperature and humidity.  Apply the second coat of rubber sealant at a rate of 800 -1000 square feet per gallon and let dry.  Allow to cure a minimum of 24 hours before getting wet.  Coating will develop full strength in 7 days.

NOTE: The Cleaners and the Disinfectants can freeze and when thawed still be used as per the label directions. Our rubber mat and rubber floor sealant cannot be used after it has been frozen in the container.  Please be careful to store them in rooms kept above freezing.

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