Is there a difference between the Clean Break Facility Disinfectant (light blue label) and the Clean Break Disinfectant-Detergent (multipurpose disinfectant/dark blue label)?

Yes, the Facility Disinfectant is formulated to be effective against pathogens typically associated with humans and the CleanBreak Disinfectant-Detergent is formulated to be effective against pathogens normally associated with animals, more specifically dogs and cats.

Clean Break Multi-Purpose Disinfectant – Detergent (EPA Registration No. 1839-100-82023) 

Clean Break Facility – Disinfectant Detergent (EPA Registration No. 1839-169)

Can CleanBreak products be damaged by freezing?

The Cleaner and the Disinfectants can freeze and when thawed still be used as per the label directions.  The Rubber Mat & Floor Sealant cannot be used after it has been frozen in the container.  Please be careful to store them in rooms kept above freezing.

How often should I seal my rubber mats?

Two thin coats of sealant applied to clean and dry mats for sealing.  Once sealed the mats will wear based upon usage so it is difficult to say often they need to be sealed.  After sealing mats should be protected from dragging gym equipment across it and other harsh usage.  Most dog day care and training centers clean and reseal with at least one coat of sealant every year.  Some have gone much longer than that.