Cleaning rubber flooring

Cleaning Rubber Flooring for the Automotive Industry

Rubber flooring has a variety of benefits in many different applications and industries. The automotive mechanic and repair industry enjoys many of the advantages of rubber flooring. The ease of cleaning rubber flooring is one of the greatest benefits, especially in an environment that’s susceptible to motor and transmission oil spills. In an industry this tough, you need a rubber flooring cleaner and sealant strong enough to tackle the biggest messes.

Advantages of Rubber Flooring for the Automotive Industry

  • Cushioned surfaces of rubber flooring provide a comfortable surface for mechanics to stand on
  • Buffers clanging and clattering noises in the shop
  • Slip-resistant surface improves safety
  • Cleaning rubber flooring in automotive applications is an easy process, despite tough stains

As an auto mechanic or service shop, it’s in the best interest of the shop to have flooring that’s comfortable to stand on, while also functional for the job at hand. Cleaning rubber flooring is an easy process with the right sealants, cleaners and disinfectants. From motor oil to antifreeze, there are many different types of chemicals that can potentially spill on your floors. Finding the best disinfectant for cleaning rubber floors in automotive applications is key to maintaining their quality and functionality.

Cleaning Rubber Flooring in Automotive Applications

Whether you own a chain of fast lube type of shops, or you’re a auto mechanic working out of your personal garage, rubber flooring is an affordable choice. Maintaining and cleaning rubber flooring is a breeze when you have the proper facility disinfectant system.

Clean Break suggests cleaning rubber flooring with our disinfectant products designed specifically for porous and non-porous rubber flooring surfaces.

  • Start with our water and chemical resistant Rubber Flooring & Mat Sealant to create exceptional bonding with retained flexibility
  • Our Facility Disinfectant is perfect for use in automotive shops and repair centers
  • Neutral pH Cleaner & Degreaser is an all purpose, broad-spectrum cleaner and degreaser with no need to rise

Try any of the Clean Break disinfectant products today to keep your automotive repair shop clean and function. Cleaning rubber flooring has never been as easy as with Clean Break products.

Stinky rubber mats at a crossfit gym

Do You Have Stinky Rubber Mats in Your Facility?

No matter your industry or use for rubber mats, the truth of the matter is that they get stinky. From stinky rubber mats in fishing boats to rubber flooring at doggy day cares and every other use in between, eliminating odor ranks high on everyone’s list.

In order to eliminate odors from stinky rubber mats, you need a disinfectant that’s effective at breaking up nasty smells and removing the problem at it’s root. Both porous and non-porous rubber mats and rubber flooring can absorb bad smells that are off putting for you and your customers.

Clean Break offers multiple disinfecting systems perfect for your specific stinky rubber mat situation. Clean Break’s Facility Disinfectant is effective against pathogens typically associated with humans. Clean Break’s Disinfectant-Detergent is formulated to be effective against the pathogens associated with animals, and more specifically cats and dogs.

Facility Disinfectant Cleans Stinky Rubber Mats in:

  • Crossfit gyms
  • Government facilities
  • Commercial Kitchens
  • Homes and shops
  • Hospitals

Multi-purpose Disinfectant Cleans Stinky Rubber Mats in:

  • Small animal hospitals
  • Boarding facilities
  • Doggy day care centers
  • Dog training facilities
  • Other small and large animal facilities

Instead of replacing stinky rubber mats and rubber flooring use an effective cleaner to revitalize them. Whether you own a crossfit gym with stinky rubber mats that absorb sweat and body odor, or a commercial kitchen with grease and strong food odors, Clean Break offers an economical solution for cleaning your stinky rubber mats.

How do Clean Break’s stinky rubber mat disinfectants work? Each disinfectant gets down to the root of the stench and kills major bacteria and viruses associated with facilities of all kinds. Unseen bacteria and foreign materials in porous floors can cause unpleasant odors, which Clean Break’s disinfectants kill. Additionally, Clean Break’s disinfectants have a great smell that replaces the caustic smells they remove.

How do you clean rubber floors? Dos and Don’ts

Imagine the wear and tear of a crowded gym floor or a high traffic vet clinic. Rubber flooring has become ever popular in these busy environments, and this is in part because rubber flooring is so durable, cost-effective and easy to clean. Our neutral pH cleaner and degreaser is the ideal cleaner for rubber floors.

 So how do you clean rubber floors once you’ve got the right product to clean with?

Whether you have more than 12 million square feet of flooring or just a few tiles in your small home gym, our neutral pH cleaner is perfect for all shapes and sizes of rubber floors.

 The Smartest Approach to Cleaning and Maintaining Rubber Floors:

  • Follow cleaning manufacturers instructions. Instructions vary from cleaner to cleaner. Our cleaner and degreaser is formulated to be diluted 2 oz per gallon. If you use more or less of the cleaner, the outcome will not be as effective or you are running the risk of wasting product and harming your floor.
  • Be proactive. The beauty about rubber tiles is they are easily replaceable. If you see that a part of your rubber flooring is getting too much wear and tear, it will be safer in the long run to replace it before someone gets hurt or it causes further damage.
  • Keep the outside clean. The cleanliness of your gym, store or shop starts outside, since people will be tracking in whatever is outside. This means paying attention to the cleanliness of your parking lot and sidewalks and keeping them as dirt and grease-free as possible.
  • Have indoor and outdoor mats. It is recommended to have 15 feet (or three strides worth) of indoor and outdoor walk-off mats both on the outside and inside of your entrance door to trap dirt.
  • Vacuum (or sweep) frequently. It is crucial to do this at least once a day, depending upon foot traffic. This will make the mopping process much quicker and effective. This also keeps grit off the floor, which prevents unnecessary wear and tear on the floor.
  • Add a protective coating. Our sealant not only makes cleaning easier and more effective, but it makes your mats more waterproof, last longer and adds shine and luster. This preventative step will lengthen the intervals between needing to replace tiles and will prevent staining and other damage.
  • Daily maintenance. Sweeping and mopping rubber flooring on a daily basis is the best way to extend the lifespan and maintain an impeccably clean—and easy to clean—floor.

Follow these steps and your rubber floors will serve you and your business for years to come.

—Clean Break