rubber mat cleaner for commercial kitchens

Rubber Mat Cleaner for Commercial Kitchens

It’s that time of year. It’s hot outside, which makes it even hotter in restaurant kitchens. Not only do restaurant rubber mats regularly have to put up with grease, oils and foods, but in the summer months sweat and additional humidity add to the need for more traction.

The durability and cleanliness of rubber mats in commercial kitchens plays a large role in safety. Cleaning commercial kitchen rubber mats with rubber mat cleaner helps preserve the mats when traction and drainage are most important.

Clean Break offers a variety of products to protect rubber flooring and mats in commercial kitchens and restaurants. Give your rubber flooring and mats a head start on long lasting performance by using a rubber mat sealant.

Benefits of Rubber Mat Sealant in Commercial Kitchens

  • Prolongs performance and lifespan of rubber flooring and rubber mats
  • Saves you money, time, hassle and unnecessary labor
  • Without sealant rubber flooring can become dull, dingy and difficult to clean

Clean Break’s Neutral pH Cleaner and Degreaser acts as the perfect rubber mat cleaner for commercial kitchens and restaurants. Rubber mats in restaurants come into contact with grease, oil and food, which decreases the traction these mats are intended to supply. A lack of traction in a hot, greasy kitchen can be detrimental to safety. It’s important to regularly clean and degrease with a rubber mat cleaner that’s easy on surfaces and tough on cleaning.

Benefits of Clean Break’s Neutral pH Cleaner and Degreaser

  • EPA Green Design for the Environment seal
  • Ideal for commercial and industrial kitchens and restaurants
  • Dries without streaking, no rinsing necessary

Rubber flooring and mats are frequently used in restaurants because they provide traction, prevent slipping, are water resistant, durable and are easy to clean and maintain. Using the proper rubber mat cleaner and sealant expand the lifespan. Clean Break’s sealants and degreasing products provide the perfect maintenance system for your rubber mats and flooring.

Environmental Benefits: Rubber Flooring & Rubber Floor Cleaner

Thanks to exciting new designs, colors and patterns that are compatible with today’s architectural trends, rubber flooring is no longer relegated to institutional settings. Along with its environmentally friendly properties, rubber flooring has gained popularity in home bars, mud rooms, home offices and rec rooms.

In addition to being incredibly durable, comfortable to stand on and easy to maintain with our rubber floor cleaner,  the environmental and health benefits of rubber flooring is a huge factor in its rising popularity.

What Makes Rubber Flooring (along with our rubber floor cleaner) environmentally sustainable:

  • PVC free. High quality natural rubber flooring does not contain PVC, phthalates or chlorine, contributing to improved indoor air quality.
  • Recycled rubber flooring options. If you choose to use recycled rubber floors, you can often find details about the rubber’s previous use, such as rubber tires or athletic shoes.
  • Naturally resilient against staining, mildew and mold. This is not only a health benefit, but it also is partly why rubber floors are so easy to clean— and even easier if you use our rubber floor cleaner and degreaser.
  • Rapidly renewable raw material. Natural rubber is extracted from the sap of a tropical rubber tree.
  • Made in the USA. This means less fuel and shipping costs resulting in a lower carbon footprint.
  • Recyclable. Any type of rubber floor (virgin or recycled rubber) can be recycled and reused as landscaping mulch, playground surfacing and rubber crumb for athletic fields. It can also be used as landing mats or coverings for sports arenas.
  • Long life cycle. This means a reduced need for removal and disposal of materials and conservation of natural resources.

Because more and more business owners are looking to achieve green building status and incorporate environmentally friendly materials into their buildings, rubber flooring paired with our rubber floor cleaner is perfect solution. —Clean Break

Dog Care Facility Floor Maintenance Made Easy

While disinfecting and eliminating odor is the primary concern when maintaining doc care facility floors, there is a lot more to it than that.

What are some other factors you must consider for dog care facility floor maintenance?

Plenty, but Clean Break’s products affectively address them all with our 3-step solution:

  • Rubber Flooring and Mat Sealant
  • Clean Break Multi-Purpose Disinfectant
  • Neutral pH Cleaner and Degreaser

We understand that factors such as infection control, sanitization and odor control all need to be addressed and it is important products will extend the life of your floors and mats. Clean Breaks’ products work beautifully on both mats and flooring, so you only need to use one effective product on your different floor surfaces.

When determining the best floor maintenance for your animal care facility’s floor, it is important to first consider what type of flooring you have.

Whether you have a glossy, shiny floor or a matte floor (or both), Clean Break’s products are designed for both. However, it is important to consider that if you do have flooring with a gloss finish, this will require more maintenance, since scratches and dirt will be much more noticeable. Additionally, high traffic areas such as entryways will lose the sheen much more quickly.

Some high traffic areas may need to be cleaned on a much more frequent basis than the rest of your flooring. A lower sheen floor such as satin or matte will require a lower maintenance routine, but of course it is important to consider that while scuffs and dirt may not show up as quickly, it is still crucial to maintain an impeccably sanitary facility regardless of dirt and grime visibility.

Another consideration is the color of your flooring. It is a well-known trick that flooring with various colors or intensity of colors will require less maintenance than flooring that is all one single color. Traffic patterns and dirt show up on evenly colored floors much more quickly. Wisely choosing your flooring can save you time and money in the long run.

Originally created for the dog kennel industry, our neutral pH cleaner is completely safe and effective for contact with animals. Clean Break’s veterinarian-approved rubber sealant, cleaner and disinfectant is all you need to maintain and properly clean your dog care facility floor.

—Clean Break

How to keep your restaurant rubber mats clean

Rubber floor mats are the best means to trap dirt and moisture at the door before your customers enter your restaurant. Many restaurants also have rubber mats in their kitchens. Rubber flooring is easy to clean with a neutral pH cleaner and degreaser. Most cleaners have a high pH, some nearly as high as bleach. Although these high pH cleaners are effective they are also tough on rubber and will cause rubber to slowly disintegrate and color to come out over time. A neutral pH “green” cleaner/degreaser is also effective but will not degrade rubber.

Why is pH cleaner is important for your restaurant rubber mats?

  • It is extremely effective and will not degrade rubber!
  • It can dry easily without streaking.

If you need help cleaning, sealing or protecting your rubber mats for your restaurant, give us a call for more information. We’re always available to help.

– Clean Break