How to keep your restaurant rubber mats clean

Rubber floor mats are the best means to trap dirt and moisture at the door before your customers enter your restaurant. Many restaurants also have rubber mats in their kitchens. Rubber flooring is easy to clean with a neutral pH cleaner and degreaser. Most cleaners have a high pH, some nearly as high as bleach. Although these high pH cleaners are effective they are also tough on rubber and will cause rubber to slowly disintegrate and color to come out over time. A neutral pH “green” cleaner/degreaser is also effective but will not degrade rubber.

Why is pH cleaner is important for your restaurant rubber mats?

  • It is extremely effective and will not degrade rubber!
  • It can dry easily without streaking.

If you need help cleaning, sealing or protecting your rubber mats for your restaurant, give us a call for more information. We’re always available to help.

– Clean Break