Maintaining Hotel Flooring Made Easy

First impression is key when running a successful hotel, and one of the very first things guests notice is the freshness and cleanliness of the hotel.

This makes maintaining hotel flooring critical to your hotel’s success.

Because the hotel and hospitality industry is so competitive, it is important to differentiate your hotel by maintaining a clean and aesthetically appealing environment that sets it apart. This is where not only choosing but also maintaining beautiful hotel flooring is important. After all, flooring is often the center of attention in a hotel, and is central to the hotel’s style and design.

Most likely people staying at your hotel are traveling from all over the world. So it is imperative you use products that clean and disinfect properly to ensure the health of your guests and prevent germs from spreading. After all, you don’t want your guests to associate your hotel with getting sick! On the contrary, you want them to associate your hotel with warmth, cleanliness and a fresh environment where they can relax and enjoy themselves.

Having a solid, efficient floor maintenance plan is necessary for hotel business.

Industry reports reveal that when choosing hotels, people are more conscious of indoor air quality (IAQ) and the overall environment.

Clean Break’s Facility Disinfectant is designed for human use facilities, specifically targeting MRSA and other potentially dangerous bacteria, virus and fungus.  Our Neutral pH Cleaner and Degreaser is mild to the touch, gentle on surfaces but tough on cleaning to ensure the cleanest hotel environment.

In addition, our Rubber Flooring and Mat Sealant seals and protects your hotel’s rubber flooring. Whether your hotel flooring is porous or non-porous, our cleaner and disinfectant efficiently and economically does the job, quickly and safely leaving your hotel floor impeccably clean.

Experience the difference, and let your guests rest assured knowing they are staying in a clean environment where they can enjoy themselves.

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—Clean Break