Tips for maintaining cross fit flooring

Maintaining Cross Fit flooring is quite different than maintaining an aerobic studio’s. With CrossFit’s high impact exercises sweeping the nation, these gym floors are experiencing an entirely different type of stress. This means an increased need for smart materials and maintenance that handle the pressure.

It is important to first consider the type of flooring these types of gyms ideally need in order to sustain such repeated impact. Additionally, maintaining gym flooring is not just an aesthetic issue, but a safety issue as well.

According to Athletic Business, Purdue football offensive coordinator Gary Nord sustained a severe back injury from tripping on the flooring in the weight room, leading him to sue the university. In another instance, the Grambling State football team lost its entire football team in part due to an unsafe weight room.

Whether a college weight room or a Central Oregon CrossFit gym, maintaining the integrity and safety of your flooring is key to your business.

So what are key tips for maintaining cross fit flooring?

  • Consider your options. Before maintenance is even an issue, take into consideration the impact, traffic and intensity your CrossFit or gym floor will experience. An ideal weight room floor should be incredibly resilient, easy to clean and non-porous. Additionally, ensure your flooring is properly installed. You also want to select flooring that will reduce noise by decreasing decibel levels. Wisely selecting and properly installing your flooring will then make the maintenance much more feasible and affordable.
  • Consider thick, rubber flooring. This type of flooring, rather than traditional wood floors, is becoming increasingly in popular due to exercises like CrossFit, which offer intense, rapid succession kettle bell exercises. Clean Break’s sealant retains the flexibility in rubber flooring that is so important. And with Clean Break’s disinfectant, this flooring will be easy to clean and maintain, making for a sanitary and attractive gym.
  • Protect it! Once moisture gets into the substrate slabs, the flooring starts to bubble, which then becomes a tripping hazard. Clean Break’s rubber flooring and mat sealant protects against moisture, which greatly prolongs the safety of the floor. Not only does it seal the surface to keep out bacteria, fungus and bacteria, but it is long lasting, easily cleaned and water and chemical resistant. This means a safer and longer lasting floor.

Safety and cleanliness is paramount with CrossFit gym flooring. We make it easy to achieve both.

Give us a call today and let us show you how easy maintaining the safety and effectiveness of your CrossFit or gym floor can be.