pH cleaners are great for day care centers.

Benefits to a Neutral pH Cleaner in Day Care Centers

pH cleaner is mild to the touch, easy on surfaces, but tough on cleaning. This gentle, yet tough combination makes it the perfect type of cleaner for day care centers. In caring for children, it’s important to use products in your day care center that can’t potentially harm them.

Child care centers often use rubber flooring and mats to create soft play areas. Using rubber tiles and mats are a great way to prevent the occurrence of harmful slips and falls. Soft rubber flooring provides additional traction for children’s feet, and just instances when that isn’t enough, it acts as a cushion between them and the hard floor below. Rubber has a shock-absorbent composition that’s designed to guard against impact.

Choosing the right pH cleaner for your day care center will help increase the longevity of the rubber flooring. From cartwheels to spilled apple juice, it’s necessary to clean rubber floors with a trusted and environmentally-friendly pH cleaner.

Clean Break has designed a pH cleaner that’s ideal for use in day care centers and other child care facilities.

Neutral pH Cleaner & Degreaser:

  • EPA Green Design for the Environment seal
  • Broad spectrum cleaner and degreaser
  • Dries without streaking
  • Economical concentrate
  • Not alkaline or acidic
  • Ideal for day care centers
  • Developed with the aid of a chemist
  • Mild to the touch

Rubber is a versatile and durable material that promotes safety in day care centers. To increase safety, it’s important to regularly clean rubber tiles and flooring with a economical pH cleaner designed to be easy on surfaces and tough on cleaning. Providing children with clean, disinfected spaces decreases the spread of bacteria, which is important for children and adults alike.

Clean Break’s Neutral pH Cleaner & Degreaser is the perfect solution for day care centers and other child care facilities that use rubber mats and rubber flooring.