Why gym floors need rubber sealant

Today’s gyms prefer synthetic rubber flooring to hardwood floors. This is mostly because rubber flooring isn’t as sensitive to temperature change and is more durable for day-to-day wear and use.

Rubber flooring is highly porous and with time and use, can accumulate dirt below its surface. For the busy gym owner or manager, this can become difficult to clean. So what do you do? Automatic scrubbers and heavy-duty cleaners or stripping aren’t effective at getting below the surface. A rubber sealant is the best solution for your rubber gym floors. It will absorb the finish, seal in the pores and provide a smoother surface, fast.

Rubber sealant is also highly effective for gym floors because it contains low odor, is zinc-free and doesn’t need to be diluted with water. It’s made to add a protective wax layer and finish to the flooring. Rubber sealant can seal almost two thousand square feet per gallon.

How to use rubber sealant

In order to get the best results, you can apply rubber flooring sealant in small sections of the gym floor with the help of a squeegee. A paintbrush can also be used to fill in any gaps. The first application should be kept at a rate of six hundred square feet per gallon and two coats can be applied. The first coat has to dry for about a half hour before the second coat is applied at a rate of eight hundred to one thousand square feet per gallon. You will have to cure it for a full day before it can get wet. Coating will take on full strength in a week’s time.

Advantages of using a rubber flooring sealant on gym floors

Using a rubber sealant on gym floors regularly will keep your flooring in good condition and prolong its life. The main advantages of using the rubber flooring sealant are:

  • It will seal the porous surface and keep the bacteria out.
  • Its strong bonding potential will retain flooring flexibility.
  • It is highly durable, long lasting and can also be recoated.
  • Once sealed, it is easy to sanitize and clean.
  • It is both chemical and water resistant.

When you’re ready to seal your gym floors with rubber flooring and mat sealant, give us a call for more information. We’re always available to help.

– Clean Break