The Surprising Benefits of Rubber Flooring

With more and more industries using rubber flooring, it is important to consider the many benefits and see if this durable, water resistant, springy material is right for you.

And while rubber flooring offers many benefits, the next step is investing in rubber flooring sealer, which will prolong your floor’s lifespan and make maintaining your floor or mats much easier.

What makes rubber flooring superior to other types of flooring?

  • Durable. Because rubber flooring is notorious for being strong, tough and resilient against elements, it is commonly used in commercial, high traffic environments.
  • Versatile. Available in a wide variety of colors, patterns and textures, rubber flooring is becoming more and more popular in residential spaces both inside and out. From replicating marbled stone to speck patterns or natural stone, rubber flooring can compliment or contrast a variety of styles.
  • Long-lasting. This is where the importance of a good rubber flooring sealer comes in. Properly cared for rubber flooring can last a minimum of 20 years.
  • Low Maintenance. While synthetic rubber flooring generally resists stains better than natural rubber, all rubber flooring is easy to maintain. The flooring is easy to mop, and a rubber flooring sealer makes it even easier to clean as it further protects it from wear and tear and discoloration.
  • Soft. While durable and tough, rubber is also commonly used in restaurant and retail stores to relieve the stress of standing. This also makes it a great choice for playrooms, rec rooms and other living spaces.
  • Water Resistant. Because rubber flooring is non porous, this makes it impermeable to liquid. This makes it perfect for bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms.
  • Reduces Noise. Depending upon the rubber thickness, rubber flooring can act as a sound barrier between floors.
  • Non-Toxic and Fire Resistant. Rubber resists burns, and additionally does not release noxious fumes in case of a fire.
  • Various Textures. Unlike other flooring choices, rubber flooring can have raised dimples, studs or other textures needed for either functionality (to resist slipping) or design.

Given the many benefits of rubber flooring, it is understandable why this soft, durable material is used in high traffic environments. Combined with our rubber flooring sealer, which makes it easier to clean and more resistant to water and chemicals, rubber flooring can serve you and your industry for decades. —Clean Break