Why Rubber Flooring and Rubber Flooring Sealant are Perfect for Bathrooms

Rubber flooring in bathrooms is a great option due to its comfortable, springy texture and it’s anti-slip properties. Add to this its water and bacteria resistant properties, it is no wonder many are increasingly using this hardy, versatile material in bathrooms. Especially given its wide variety of bright or natural colors and textures, rubber bathroom flooring can be as cutting edge and trendy, or as subtle and neutral as you want it to be.

Since there is so much moisture and risk for slipping in bathrooms, rubber flooring paired with our rubber flooring sealant is a perfect candidate.

Rubber flooring provides a durable bathroom floor that is water and slip proof and ready to stand up to the humidity and moisture. Additionally, rubber flooring in bathrooms is perfect because it resists stains and mold and is naturally antimicrobial.  This means that rubber flooring naturally works to kill off any mold or microorganisms that attempt to develop on the flooring. It is extremely easy to clean, especially if you have applied our rubber flooring sealant.

One would think that there would be some sneaky drawbacks, but in addition to these benefits, rubber flooring (along with our rubber flooring sealant) is environmentally friendly. So while hardwood or natural stone bathroom tiles are still popular choices, rubber flooring is becoming an increasingly popular option given its springy consistency and anti-slip properties. It is also clearly a much more functional and sanitary material to use in bathrooms than carpet! Because rubber is naturally impervious to liquid and humidity and is stain resistant, this makes maintaining rubber flooring quite easy. Furthermore, when rubber flooring sealant is applied, it is even easier to remove dirt, debris and liquids. Although rubber is resistant to most stains, it is not, however impervious to damage from grease, fat, oils and harsh solvents. It is this sort of exposure that our rubber flooring sealant helps protects against, in addition to making the flooring last and perform even longer. —Clean Break