“You just wash or mop the floor and leave it, no rinsing; just one simple step. It made the floor squeaky clean where before it had a filmy residue. ”

“The difference was incredible. Immediately we noticed that caustic smell was gone!”

“A couple of easily applied coats close up all the millions of pores in the flooring where foreign materials and bacteria can accumulate and smell. This is a one-time application. This product has a great smell and kills the unseen bacteria that causes the odor.”

Grant Garl, owner | Fit ‘N’ Furry


“We have used Clean Break products since shortly after we opened and they have been great for our facility and our janitorial crew.  Previously we used generic bleach and other cleaners and we couldn’t ever get rid of the residual smells.  Then we began with the Clean Break products and what more can you ask for?  These products don’t break down our mats like other products and can be used daily.  They are better for our environment and better for our equipment so it’s an absolute win win.  We’ll never use another product as long as our doors are open.”

Doug Hildreth | Newberg CrossFit Rebuilt