Best Way to Clean Your Rubber Floor: Rubber Floor Cleaner!

With the rising popularity of rubber flooring in the health and fitness industry, animal care facilities and the hospitality industry, the big question is:

What is the best and most effective way to clean rubber flooring?

There are many methods out there, from using good old-fashioned hot water and white vinegar to using a mixture of liquid laundry detergent and alcohol.

The catch with these methods, however, is they are either not cleaning the flooring nearly as effectively as a cleaner and degreaser formulated specifically for rubber floors, or they are inconsistent due to an inaccurate mixture. Another downside is a lot of these different options require trial and error (what may work for some rubber floors may not work on yours) and they may be too rough or harsh on the floor, which will in the end shorten your rubber floor’s lifespan.

With our neutral pH rubber floor cleaner and degreaser, you can rest assured that it is formulated specifically to clean rubber floors. This means it is gentle on your rubber surface, yet tough on dirt and grease.

More benefits of using our rubber floor cleaner and degreaser:

  • Neutral pH making it mild to the touch.
  • Broad-Spectrum, meaning it is effective against a large variety of organisms.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Dries without streaking!
  • Economical concentrate—you only have to use 2 oz. per gallon of water, so it lasts a very long time.
  • Not alkaline or acidic—two big factors to avoid to keep your rubber flooring healthy and happy.
  • Low odor—no strong, harsh chemical smell.
  • Fast acting—while you may need to scrub and put a lot of elbow grease into cleaning with other methods, Clean Break’s rubber flooring cleaner and degreaser does the work for you.
  • Ideal for both virgin and recycled rubber flooring.

Rubber flooring popularity is quickly growing due to the fact that it is durable, stain-resistant, nearly impervious to water (and completely water proof if you use Clean Break’s rubber sealant!) and easy to maintain yet soft and comfortable to stand on.

With regular maintenance of sweeping or vacuuming and then cleaning with our rubber floor cleaner and degreaser, your floors will be ready to take on nearly anything for years to come.

—Clean Break