Cleaning gyms

Cleaning Gyms: Applying Facility Disinfectant

Regularly cleaning gyms is a mandatory action when it comes to preventing the spread of disease, fungus and infection. Cleaning gyms helps keep patrons and staff healthy beyond the benefits of working out itself. When it comes to cleaning gym floors, there’s more to each facility than just rubber flooring and mats alone. Gyms include a wide array of flooring surfaces from rubber floors in the weight room to hardwood floors in the basketball gym to tile in the showers, each surface doesn’t require a different cleaner.

Facility Disinfectant from Clean Break is a multi-purpose cleaner with versatile applications that can be used when cleaning gym floors, mats, equipment and surfaces.

Cleaning Gyms and Applying Facility Disinfectant

One of the greatest benefits to Clean Break’s Facility Disinfectant is the versatile application options. Cleaning gyms has never been more convenient than with Clean Break’s Facility Disinfectant.

  • Trigger Sprayer – By applying the Facility Disinfectant with a trigger sprayer, patrons can use the solution to spray gym equipment before and after use, which helps prevent the transfer of infection.
  • Mop – From the rubber floors in weight rooms to the hardwood floors of basketball courts, Facility Disinfectant can be applied using a mop to easily cover large surfaces. Facility Disinfectant is great for both porous and nonporous surfaces.
  • Sponge or Towel – For more specific and targeted gym cleaning, Facility Disinfectant can be applied with a sponge or towel. The Clean Break technology makes it easy to keep your gyms clean and disinfected, from head to toe.

By cleaning gyms with a versatile facility disinfectant, you’re choosing health. Facility Disinfectant from Clean Break can be applied in a variety of ways on many different types of surfaces. Use Clean Break to disinfect gym floor surfaces including bathroom tile, locker rooms, tennis courts, basketball courts and more.

Clean Break offers cleaners and disinfectants in economical concentrates. Visit our online store to purchase Clean Breaks Facility Disinfectant, which is perfect for cleaning gyms.

Flooring sealer in commercial applications

The Versatility of Flooring Sealer in Commercial Applications

Flooring sealer has many benefits in a variety of industries. Using a flooring sealant for commercial applications helps prolong the lifespan of your investment, which can save you time, money and labor in the long run. Using a flooring sealer can help prevent floors from becoming dull, dingy and difficult to clean.

Commercial Applications for Flooring Sealer

There are many commercial and industrial applications that can benefit from the use of a flooring sealant, including:

  • Gym and fitness flooring – From crossfit gyms to yoga studios to entire athletic clubs, using a flooring sealer like Clean Break’s Rubber Flooring & Mat Sealant makes it easier to clean surfaces, both porous and nonporous.
  • Restaurant and kitchen floors – Commercial kitchen have to deal with a large amount of wear and tear, as well as the presence of food, sweat and grease. Using a flooring sealer helps prolong the performance of these high traffic surfaces.
  • Doggy daycare – These types of facilities often feature rubber floors. Using a flooring sealant that’s safe for animals is essential in protecting the floors, as well as the dogs who may try to chew on it. Flooring sealant seals there types of porous surfaces to keep out bacteria, fungus and viruses
  • Hospitals – Healthcare facilities, including hospitals, benefit from flooring sealer due to it’s long-lasting attributes and the fact that it’s water and chemical resistant. Hospitals are especially sensitive when it comes to preventing the spread of infection and bacteria. Flooring sealer makes hospital floors easy to clean and sanitize.

These are only a few examples of the many uses for flooring sealant. Commercial flooring in office buildings, restaurants, shopping malls, daycare facilities and many more should use a long lasting flooring sealant for protection and a long lifespan.

Learn more about Clean Break’s Rubber Flooring and Mat Sealant, which can be used on both porous and nonporous surfaces to extend lifespan.