Rubber mat cleaner under stand up desks

Using Rubber Mat Cleaner Under Standing Desks

There’s a new manta circulating around offices that, “sitting is the new smoking.” This visual statement demonstrates the unhealthy side effects of sitting in front of a computer all day. This commonplace habit could be compared to the former prevalence of smoking in the office and every day locations. What is the solution to the addiction to sitting? Standing. Standing desks have come to reign supreme as the latest trend in office culture for their health benefits.

Typically, underneath standing desks many people use rubber mats. Rubber mats provide air underneath foot and have a plush sensation that’s better on the body than hard concrete. Though standing has many health benefits, it’s important to care for your feet with cushioned rubber mats. You wouldn’t sit in a hard, uncushioned office chair all day, so why would you stand without the proper protection beneath your feet?

Using Rubber Mat Cleaner

When working in an office environment, you may wonder how dirty can rubber mats really get? If you don’t use a rubber mat cleaner on a regular basis, you may end up having to replace rubber mats more often than you’d like. Your shoes carry in the elements from outside, be it beach sand that can scratch the rubber mats, or the chemicals from snow melt tracked in with your winter boots.

Benefits of Rubber Mat Cleaner

  • Use rubber mat cleaner to maintain the condition of your standing desk mats
  • Avoid having to regularly replace mats due to wear and tear
  • Remove nasty smells, and avoid judgement from your officemates
  • Maintain shine with a streak-free finish

Transitioning to a standing desk from sitting can be a hard adjustment, but with comfortable rubber mats below your feet you’ll soon be wondering why you didn’t do it sooner. Be sure to use a reliable rubber mat cleaner like Clean Break’s Neutral pH Cleaner & Degreaser. Add more life to your rubber mats when you get them by using Clean Break’s Rubber Flooring & Mat Sealant.

Cleaning rubber flooring

Cleaning Rubber Flooring for the Automotive Industry

Rubber flooring has a variety of benefits in many different applications and industries. The automotive mechanic and repair industry enjoys many of the advantages of rubber flooring. The ease of cleaning rubber flooring is one of the greatest benefits, especially in an environment that’s susceptible to motor and transmission oil spills. In an industry this tough, you need a rubber flooring cleaner and sealant strong enough to tackle the biggest messes.

Advantages of Rubber Flooring for the Automotive Industry

  • Cushioned surfaces of rubber flooring provide a comfortable surface for mechanics to stand on
  • Buffers clanging and clattering noises in the shop
  • Slip-resistant surface improves safety
  • Cleaning rubber flooring in automotive applications is an easy process, despite tough stains

As an auto mechanic or service shop, it’s in the best interest of the shop to have flooring that’s comfortable to stand on, while also functional for the job at hand. Cleaning rubber flooring is an easy process with the right sealants, cleaners and disinfectants. From motor oil to antifreeze, there are many different types of chemicals that can potentially spill on your floors. Finding the best disinfectant for cleaning rubber floors in automotive applications is key to maintaining their quality and functionality.

Cleaning Rubber Flooring in Automotive Applications

Whether you own a chain of fast lube type of shops, or you’re a auto mechanic working out of your personal garage, rubber flooring is an affordable choice. Maintaining and cleaning rubber flooring is a breeze when you have the proper facility disinfectant system.

Clean Break suggests cleaning rubber flooring with our disinfectant products designed specifically for porous and non-porous rubber flooring surfaces.

  • Start with our water and chemical resistant Rubber Flooring & Mat Sealant to create exceptional bonding with retained flexibility
  • Our Facility Disinfectant is EPA registered and perfect for use in automotive shops and repair centers
  • Neutral pH Cleaner & Degreaser is an all purpose, broad-spectrum cleaner and degreaser with no need to rise

Try any of the Clean Break disinfectant products today to keep your automotive repair shop clean and function. Cleaning rubber flooring has never been as easy as with Clean Break products.